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Our name is simple. ‘Yum’ means ‘to drink’ (飲), and ‘Cha’ means ‘tea’ (茶) in Chinese.

While yum cha usually refers to the practice of enjoying delicate dishes called ‘dim sum’ in a cantonese restaurant, we interpret yum cha differently.

We, YumCha, aim to provide an authentic and yummy bubble tea experience from Asia. We also interpret bubble tea a bit differently. Here are the reasons:

Taiwanese Tea Leaves

Our tea is brewed with premium tea leaves imported from Taiwan to ensure the authenticity.

Homemade Boba From Starch

Our homemade boba is unique. It is made on-site from starch, without any chemical additives.

Zero Artificial Ingredients

Our boba has only natural flavourings and is free of preservative.

Our drinks do not include any flavouring powders and give a natural aroma.

Võiksid VaID head ajad kulgeda aeglasemalt.

May the good times flow slower.

We strive to create a unique sensory experience for our boba lovers.

Take a sip and may your boba tasting with us feel like the best times you shared with your loved ones.

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We are an exotic and authentic Bubble Tea brand in Estonia.

Our owner, born and raised in Hong Kong, has a deep understanding of tea culture and bubble tea making.

We strive to provide a sensational experience for our customers by serving our drinks with homemade boba and all natural flavorings.

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